Shalemar Trilogy: Book One


She fell through the ice
and into a hidden world
where her coming
had been foretold
for 500 years.

In 1531, British pirates overtook a Spanish galleon in the New World. Caught in a violent storm, the ship drifted south to Antarctica, where the survivors built a civilization on a verdant patch of earth concealed beneath the ice. They called their new home Shalemar. In modern day, Shara Kennington, a college student on a research mission to Antarctica, falls through a crevasse and into the hidden world, where her arrival has been foretold for 500 years.

Shara finds the land in the throes of revolution, and steps into the adventure of a lifetime. Her resolve is tested by the clash of her 21st century values with Shalemar’s medieval culture. Set in a place where the sun rises and sets only once each year, join Shara on her journey from reluctant heroine to warrior queen.

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