Poetry of Days: Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite – October 4, 2018

Poetry of Days is the second installment in the Shalemar series by Rohret Buchner, an epic fantasy that follows Shara Kennington, separated from her land and her people by powerful forces of evil. Now it’s time to face her fears and choose between her safety and her people. She sets out on a gritty odyssey with members of The Circle, and the mysterious sword, Milton. The quest is for the hidden depths of the world beneath the Antarctic. Does she have what it takes to fulfill a prophecy they have awaited for 500 years?

Rohret Buchner is not afraid of conjuring up exciting worlds, but what makes the writing beautiful is the author’s ability to allow echoes of this world to reverberate in the hearts of the characters. The backstory is well balanced with the intense action that accompanies the rhythm of the tale. The beginning already grips the reader: “Seneca King gazed into the lens of the camera. It was a remote stare, filled with sadness and longing. It spoke of other times and other places, of lost loves and lost horizons ringed with fire. It spoke of a hidden world where the sun rose and set only once each year. Shalemar.”

The lyricism of the prose is delightful to the ear, language that is filled with symbolism, and a world where danger lurks around the next corner. But there is hope: “Life would find a way, rising through magma, feldspar, and molten glass. Life would find a way.” The reader is intrigued and wants to know what will happen to the protagonist. Poetry of Days is brilliantly accomplished, with great imagination accompanied by skillful execution. I couldn’t put it down, gripped by the cinematic nature of the writing, the exquisite beauty of the prose, and the sophistication in plot and character; it carried me through the night.


Length of Days: Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers’ Favorite – July 18, 2017

Length of Days is book one in the Shalemar Trilogy, a fantasy by Rohret Buchner. While participating on a research trip, Shara Kennington plunges through the ice into Shalemar, another realm hidden beneath Antarctica. The Shalemarans believe she is the goddess predicted in a 500-year-old prophecy who has returned. Shara weds King Joff and attempts to incorporate her New World beliefs and technology into Shalemar’s semi-primitive way of life.

Not everyone adapts to these changes and most citizens believe a woman’s place is in the home. Lady Malina, who assumed she would have been queen, doesn’t take rejection lightly and creates a vengeful campaign that not only divides the nation, but also tests the royal marriage.

This beautifully written novel by Rohret Buchner is about brave, strong minded Shara, who adjusts to her dilemma, knowing she’ll never see her own world again. It’s a very captivating, adventurous story that emits lovely, vivid descriptions of the surroundings where the sun rises and sets once per year, unforgettable characters, and the comparisons of technology between old and new worlds. The latter is interesting as this involves a lot of pros and cons discussions among characters.

Romance plays an active role among the cast of characters and there is humour and engaging dialogue. Length of Days is the first novel in the Shalemar Trilogy, consisting of about 525 pages but is well worth reading. The outcome of Shara’s fate isn’t mentioned in the unpredictable conclusion, but continues in Poetry of Days, Book 2, which I look forward to reading.