Shalemar Trilogy: Book One – Length of Days


In 1531, British pirates captured a Spanish galleon in the New World. Caught in a violent storm, the ship drifted south to Antarctica, where the survivors built a civilization on a verdant patch of earth concealed beneath the ice. They called their new home Shalemar. In modern day, Shara Kennington, a college student on a research mission to Antarctica, falls through a crevasse and into the hidden world, where her arrival has been foretold for 500 years.

Shara finds the land in the throes of revolution, and steps into the adventure of a lifetime. Her resolve is tested by the clash of her 21st century values with Shalemar’s medieval culture. Set in a place where the sun rises and sets only once each year, join Shara on her journey from reluctant heroine to warrior queen.

Winner, NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Fall 2017: Best Book in the Category of FANTASY.


Shalemar Trilogy: Book Two – Poetry of Days


Dark forces have separated Shara Kennington from the land and people she loves, including the dashing King of Shalemar. Will she cross worlds to be with them again, or choose security over love?

Join Shara, members of The Circle, a sword named Milton, and some unlikely advisors, as she makes fateful decisions regarding a hidden world beneath the Antarctic ice, a 500-year-old prophecy, and a people’s belief in the warrior queen as The One who will bring them peace.

Winner, NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Winter 2018: Best Book in the Category of FANTASY.


Shalemar Trilogy: Book Three – Wonder of Days


This book will be available in 2023.


Valley of Heart’s Delight Series: Book One – Custodian of the Spirits

Left penniless after her husband’s death, Fiona Lenihan and her two young children set out for California in search of a fresh start. Ten years ago Fiona fled the Irish Potato Famine. She has crossed an ocean, so why not a continent?

Kier Moran is a loner with a reputation for being the best tracker, best shot, and best guide. As a favor to his aging parents, he is leading their wagon train west to the Santa Clara Valley, known as the Valley of Heart’s Delight.

Kier intends to deliver his parents safely to California then resume life under the sun and stars. But meeting Fiona Lenihan threatens his simple plan.