Bronwyn Long is a nurse by day and writer by night. The Shalemar Trilogy — Length of Days, Poetry of Days, and the forthcoming Wonder of Days — is a sci-fi/fantasy series that incorporates historical fiction, political intrigue, epic fantasy, and romance. Written under the pen name Rohret Buchner, the series explores what happens when a woman from the modern world finds herself in a hidden world that has evolved separately over the last 500 years, and what happens when the modern world “discovers” this world.

Bronwyn has an historical fiction series set in the American West under review with a publishing house.

Bronwyn lives and works in Denver. She is married to a fellow food and wine lover, and wrote a wine blog for three years. She is published in academic journals, which was the impetus for choosing an alias for her life as a fiction writer. The name Rohret Buchner is derived from the maiden names of her grandmothers.